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What is your HG?


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Me: R-P312

My maternal Grandfather: R-Z295 (NW euro sublcalde) probably Belgae or Frankish no idea

Both R1B
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Since I'm female I don't have one directly, but for YDNA

Paternal grandfather: R-Z156 (I know from my father's 23andme)

Paternal great-grandfather through grandmother: I-S17250 (her brother took 23andme)

For mtDNA

My maternal mtDNA: T2a

Paternal Grandma's mtDNA: I1a1

I haven't studied there origins a lot but I'm trying to find out more =). T2a appears to be Middle Eastern in origin. I1a1 I'm not sure about lol but seems to maybe be Northeast European. I believe R-Z156 is likely Germanic from Central Europe, and it seems like I-S17250 is "Dinaric" but it seems to originate from Cucuteni-Trypillian culture.


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Paternal line from Veneto, up to 17th century, Signori/Dominus Marco dalla Santa Cattarina, probably branch of Righele family from the Riegel von Augsburg.
Maternal Grandpa J2a1 from Berlin, Germany, Von Schmidt
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