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The worst forums you've been on in the past?


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I think with Apricity, there is an obvious age difference between myself, a few others, and the rest of the people there. Most seem to be around 20 years old or so, so naturally they are filled with insecurities. Most of the time, there isn't a real debate going, just a few people throwing insults at each other in attempts to destroy their self-esteem and artificially make their arguments more sound in the process.

I agree with Anthroscape. A lot of South Asian trolls hid behind their computer screens.

Human Biodiversity was not that bad, but I can understand why people hated the moderator there. He was a pompous ass.

Honestly, I clocked out of any "phenotype" discussions long time ago because, at the end of the day, more than half the people arguing would have never guessed a person's ethnicity correctly unless stated in the title of the thread. Origuess App proved this during the Apricity thread.

I do think phenotypes should be restudied in academia, but I know it is much more nuanced than saying a person looks a certain way because of their origins and adapting to the climate. As much as I can't stand AI for certain things, I think AI can be great for studying phenotypes and why a group looks a certain way.
Yes, most of these guys are just insecure people behind their keyboards, and there are similar people like that on reddit and on italic roots as well. Honestly, these phenotype discussions are mostly just some giant larping circle jerk, and these forums should start to ban these guys that never post their pictures imo.


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I agree that the excessive phenotype discussions can get annoying on any of these forums. I've even had people harass me and ridicule me because they didn't like the phenotype I gave them, or because they didn't agree with my opinion I got called all sorts of absolutely horrible stuff. I was even told on an old and thankfully long gone trash forum that I was unscientific and didn't have any brains for any of that "stuff" lol.

I can understand why people might enjoy phenotypes though.

Not to mention I've found that so many phenotype assignments are based on biases and pre-conceived notions which aren't very realistic.