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The Kurds . Kurdish People gallery thread


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Avicenna can cope as much as he wants with afghans having more EHG than Kurds . how bitter must it be for him that afghans have significant AASI which we Kurds DO NOT . and we also have a lot more EEF . we also have some EHG too anyway

by the way Avicenna says that afghans are only 5-8 % AASI which is horseshit ....not true . only north afghan pashtuns and maybe tajiks are around 8% . most pashtuns are rather 11-12 % with pakistani pashtuns going even higher to like 15 - 17 if i am not wrong . avicenna has constructed a world for himself where he is coping around when he is not doing bacha bazi and he doesnt accept reality

just ran myself and the afghan pashtun average (Kandahar it says) on Genoplot . the illustrative calc

look how the pashtun result has 11% AASI . in before "that is not much" copes from afghanogypsies . bruh that is a shit ton . especially for G25 standards . and on harappaworld afghans are above 10% s-indian . many are around 18-19% i posted results before

oh and they are saying we are "arabs" too :D bruh ....we are 8% Natufian . so the 8% natufian makes us arabs but the 11% AASI does not make you pajeetoids ? hahaha man these subanimals ....

anyway my result vs afghanogypsy :




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will not make a new set to post this

but i just want to post the Kurdish politician i posted for classification lately and the Kurdish woman i posted in the DNA confirmed Kurds thread today

the Kurdish politicain


the DNA confirmed Kurdish woman :










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on reddit i was debating Iran_N with people and a few of those fuckheads said Lebanese Christians are whiter than Kurds

oh really ? ......

bullshit ! it is just not true man . why are Lebanese so whitewashed while Kurds so heavily darkwashed . wtf is going on

look into this thread and look at the 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Kurds . and then tell me with a straight face that Lebanese are whiter


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look at all the pics and videos of Kurds posted in this thread

and then tell me please if you think we look or pass as indian / pakistani

because on reddit people still claim we do

how to get rid of it ? it is just not true . we dont . will it ever end ?

i wonder how this nonsense even started . trust me this is one of the weirdest and biggest anthromyths there is .


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by the way 2 days ago or so i have discussed with a pajeet on reddit about Iran N and also about s-indian from harappa etc.

i told him that ben dover and me came to the result that above 5% s-indian will often show the higher the score the higher the likeliness . pajeet didnt like it and then said if that was the case then yaghnobis would look south asian with their 5% s-indian but they dont .

i would need to check how much yaghnobis actually score but lets say it is 5% . he said this would disprove my thesis . i said it is the contrary ....this actually PROVES my thesis and plays on my part . because i said ABOVE 5% the more the more . and i said that the reason why northwest indians look pajeet but yaghnobis dont is EXACTLY BECAUSE OF THE S-INDIAN ....and also because of climate of course . what the fuck would it else be . and he then said "northwest indians are 22-25 % s-indian lol " .....yeah but only Rors and Khamboj or something . both are fringe indians . punjabis and kashmiris are 30 - 35 %

but there is something that caught my attention . and member idklolimo was telling me this too today :

we noticed that pajeets will often say things like "yaghnobis dont look south asian" , "lol look at pashtuns they have 10% AASI but dont look south asian" etc. . , "lol even punjabis are somewhat foreign for rest of india" etc.

but lets stay with what the pajeet on reddit told me 2 days ago that yaghnobis are 5% s-indian but dont look south asian . oh ok and we Kurds with our 2.2 % s-indian , with being 1000000km far from south asia , with our high med genes that curries dont have , with our higher CHG etc. etc. . we DO look south asian ? thats what pajeets love to claim dont they ? they love to pass Kurds as curries . but then they say yaghnobis dont look curry . how do we then ? that doesnt make any sense

these people need to be put in chains and beaten up . yes serious and yes i would do it


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there is a new Iranian Jewish reference on G25 . it is the Nash Didan jews from Urmia in faaar northwest Iran

and guess what ? yeah you guessed it . just like on many genetic calculators we can be modelled as them + north caucasus especially Lezgin . but other north caucasians work pretty well too like chechen

yaghnobi works even slightly better but i am using the north caucasus ethnicities because many people can not imagine how yaghnobis look

and these jews like other iranian and kurdish jews look like a normal east mediterranean people . not exotic



and we Kurds have a heavy north caucasus shift when we are modelled with them as the base . now you pieces of shits tell me how can Kurds be punjabi or gypsoid like if we are like this racially ?

the answer is that we are NOT south asian like or exotic or anything like that . just look at the 10000000 Kurds posted first and then you will realize it yourself

you dumbfucks you have our gypsies and gypsy mixed people in minds . please realize this already . actual Kurds are not like your imagination . just lol . enough already with the nonsense i have to read daily



Ben Dover

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the only disadvantage to kurds getting modeled as half iranian jewish half lezgin/yaghnobi etc is that haters and annoying dumbfucks especially south asian trolls will start mocking kurds and bring up their beloved accusation on Kurds that they are semite mixed or full blown semites that speak an iranic language etc. The latter is especially funny to me because it is the iranic language that the kurds speak that pajeets view as a grasping opportunity for them to cling on Kurds and drag them down to their level


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Yes bro, for example, this reconstruction looks very Pajeet/South Asian because he spoke a Proto Indo-Iranian language...

nice (y) :cool:



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i am not planning to do any more sets in the near future . maybe at some point i will do it again

but i want to post this classic Kurdish beauty here . the chick in the beginning of the video talking with the microphone in her hand



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i will show you a crowd pic where apperently "Kurds protest" ok . look at the men who i made an arrow on . as you can see they are non Kurds but hey they are on a google image of "Kurds" so they are Kurdish right ? haha