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Hello everyone, these are our forum rules that I hope everyone will follow. Please read them before you post (New Members).

1. No Pornography (Serious Infraction)
Do not post any explicit photos or videos especially about children. This is not a degenerated forum.

2. Exposing Personal Information (Serious Infraction)
Under no circumstances will we allow for members to expose each other. There will be given no warnings, it will be an INSTANT ban.

3. Harassing/Stalking (Serious Infraction)
Do not go out your way to stalk/harass users and their family outside of this forum. Do not be a maniac, please!

4. Threats
No threats against members here. Let's keep it civil!

5. Hate Speech
Post of members that incites hatred or promotes violence against a race/ethnic origin, gender & religion is prohibited. The use of slurs to refer to groups or members is not allowed on this forum.

6. Mods Abusing Their Power
We will not tolerate Mods abusing their power. If you think a mod is abusing his/her power, please contact me, either through PM or Contact Us form.

Suspensions and Permanent Bans
The warnings are awarded as the following for less serious infractions:

  • First warning will result in 1 week ban
  • Second warning will result in 3 week ban
  • Third warning will result in a 2 month ban

There will be no fourth warning, it will be a permanent ban from this forum. However, for less serious infractions, you can appeal to come back after 4 months of being banned. Use the Contact Us form to submit your appeal.

Overall, I want this forum to be "Free Speech", yes, you might not agree with some users but that's the reality of life. We are not here to sugarcoat your world, we must learn how to debate and/or remove ourselves from arguments that will not go anywhere.

Please be aware that your information is not exposed to anyone other than me. Therefore, Mods cannot see your IP Address or Email information and I plan keeping it that way. Do not try to contact a Mod to give you information on a certain user, you will not get anything other than a BAN.
Not open for further replies.