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Number of Hispanos (Colonial Hispanics) in the United States


Staff member
  • New Mexico: 158,125 (self-identified "Spanish" or "Spaniard) to 338,297
  • California: 261,000 (self-identified "Spanish" or "Spaniard) to 500,000 (according to scholarly estimate)
  • Texas: 3,300,000 (rough estimate & according to a Tejano on Facebook)
  • Colorado: 98,700 (self-identified "Spanish" or "Spaniard) to 202,011 (according to Wikipedia)
  • Arizona: 45,300 (self-identified "Spanish" or "Spaniard) to 130,362
  • Louisiana: 13,450 (full or predominantly ancestry) to 700,000 (partial ancestry)
  • Utah: 10,700 (self-identified "Spanish" or "Spaniard) to 42,568 (according to Wikipedia)
  • Florida: 60,000 (rough estimate)
In total, there are around 4,247,491 Colonial Hispanos in the United States, making 10% of the Mexican-American population, & making 1.2% of the current U.S. population, & making the majority of the self-identified Spanish-American population.