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Music genres you're into?


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Mine as a top 3

1. Rap (mostly old school)
2. Nearly all types of MENA
3. Indie metal-rock


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What is about this song? @Ivorix

this is a chilean i don't understand a shit lol but Chancho i think means Pig or something like that and "Chancho Culiao" would be: Fucking Pig. this is the only i understand Spanish from Spain is very different than the spanish spoken in Chile due the diferent accent


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I am into retro music. My ex wife is a classical pianist, not professionally, but plays in various groups that need a pianist. I also like silly songs like HAL sang while his brain was being dismantled. However I actually don't listen to music except what is in films like Guardians of the Galaxy.


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Mostly alternative rock, pop rock, hard rock, pop music, EDM, synthpop, emo, pop punk, heavy metal, power metal and indie rock.