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Modern-day Californio (🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇪🇸) descendants


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che guevara is not a californio and whats the name of the old guy ?
The old guy's name was Robert F. Erburu, he was of Basque & Spanish heritage, & he was born in Ventura, near Los Angeles.

Also, Che Guevara was mostly Argentine, but also had Californio & Chilean roots.

Che’s paternal grandfather was Roberto Guevara Castro (the son of Juan Antonio Guevara Calderón and María Concepción Dolores del Rosario/Refugio Castro Peralta). Roberto was born in Hayward, California. Juan was born in Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina, the son of José Rosendo de Guevara Cevicos and Jacoba Calderón de la Barca Silva. María Concepción was born in Santa Bárbara, Alta California, then México, the daughter of José Guillermo Castro García and María Luisa Fermina Bárbara Guadalupe Peralta Alviso.

Che’s paternal grandmother was Ana Isabel Lynch Ortiz (the daughter of Francisco de Paula Eustaquio Lynch Zavaleta and Eloisa Ortiz Alfaro). Ana was born in San Francisco, California. Francisco was the son of Patricio Joseph/José Julían Lynch y Roo and María Isabel de Zabaleta/Zavaleta y Riglos. Eloisa was born in Valparaíso, Chile, and was the daughter of Francisco Ortiz and Jasna Alfaro.

Che’s maternal grandfather was Juan Martín de la Serna Ugalde (the son of Juan Martin de la Serna Fonrodona and Eloísa Ugalde Torres). Che’s great-grandfather Juan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the son of Martín Ignacio de la Serna Loaces and Rafaela Sebastiana del Corazón de Jesús Fonrodona Chaves. Eloisa was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of Máximo Domingo Ugalde Agüero and Catalina Jacoba Torres Agüero.

Che’s maternal grandmother was Edelmira de la Llosa Lacroze (the daughter of Juan Benito de la Llosa Ortega and Mercedes Lacroze Cernadas). Juan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the son of Anacleto de la Llosa Palleja and Ricarda Ortega Morales. Mercedes was born in Buenos Aires, the daughter of Juan Alejandro Lacroze Durán, who was born in Castillon, Dordogne, France; and of Mercedes de la Santísima Trinidad Cernadas Concha.

So, Che was mostly Argentine, along with 1/8 Californio, at least 1/8 Chilean, & 1/64 Irish, his Argentine, Chilean, & Californio ancestry was fully Spanish, except for the 1/64 Irish.