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Legal & Social Ethno-Racial Classification of California


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The State of California defines six Ethno-Racial categories, & "Hispanic" is not considered a race on federal level, its considered an "ethnicity", however state agencies & local agencies classify "Hispanic" as a race, mainly to avoid any confusion, due to lack of understanding the diversity of Latinos.
  1. Hispanics (Latin Americans, especially Mestizos/Castizos & Amerindians).
  2. Whites (especially Non-Hispanic European Americans).
  3. Blacks (especially African-Americans, African Immigrants, & Non-Hispanic Black Caribbeans)
  4. Native Americans (especially those Indigenous to the US & Canada).
  5. Asians (especially East & Southeast Asians).
  6. Pacific Islanders (especially Polynesians & Micronesians)
In addition to the legal categories, there are socially defined Ethno-Racial categories such as.
  1. Mexicans (Mestizos/Castizos & Amerindians of Mexican descent or Latin Americans, in general)
  2. "Indian from India" or "Hindu" or "Hindi" (people of South Asian origins).
  3. "Arab" or Middle Eastern (people of Middle Eastern & North African origin, as well as some South Asians).
  4. Filipinos (Austronesians from the Philippines & their descendants).