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J2 (J-M172) Haplogroup


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My paternal haplogroup is J-M172.
Here is some information about it from 23andme --

Origin and Migrations of Haplogroup J-M172
Your paternal line descends from haplogroup J-M172, one of two major branches of haplogroup J. J-M172 split away from its brother lineage in the Middle East between 31,000 and 36,000 years ago, but the most dramatic chapter in its history has been in the last 10,000. The Ice Age gave way to a warmer and more stable climate, and people in the Middle East domesticated plants and livestock for the first time. Populations boomed, sparking new waves of migration from the Middle East to North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and Europe. Within a few thousand years, early male farmers traversed the Mediterranean Sea, bringing their farming expertise and the J-M172 haplogroup to Crete, Italy, and Cyprus. But some of these men did not travel as far, instead settling in the Balkan region of present-day Greece and Albania.
More recently, the movements of Phoenicians and other ancient seafarers, the expansion of ancient Greece between the 8th and 4th centuries BCE, and the Jewish diaspora have carried haplogroup J-M172 all around the Mediterranean and throughout much of Europe.

Its said that J-M172 is rare among 23andMe customers.
and Today, I share my haplogroup with all the men who are paternal-line descendants of the common ancestor of J-M172.