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DNA confirmed Kurdish faces (from the DNA thread) . do we look like south asians or Europeans ?

who do we look like ?

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yes. it is ridiculous how much levantines are getting whitewashed and are branded as eastern italians on reddit and numerous anthroforums. it was especially prominent in the past before g25 and admixturetools/qpadm became accessible to people. it did not help much when on popular forums people like sikeliot who had made 110,000 posts whitewashed lebanese and syrians in every other post he made. and many others mimicked him and copied his behavior. even until nowadays levantines are heavily whitewashed. but when it comes to kurds no matter how many photos, videos and dna results together with pics you have posted of kurds as well as general models with kurdish references has not changed a single mind and has been a huge waste of energy and time unfortunately. i dont understand the irremovable bias against kurds. also pajeets fighting an active battle to darkwash northern west asians and kurds explicitly really does not help at all

but i think i actually have changed some peoples minds . so it feels to me


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i have a question . do these 3 men fit among us in the OP ?

not a rhetoric question btw. . i am serious




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^ well they are from Iraqi Kurdistan :D

but obviously they dont pass among us Kurds and they can not be Kurds . they are likely gypsies OR mixed people . for example they can be a mix of Kurdish + gypsy + iraqi arab

and you can not think that THEY are what Kurds look and that i post foreigners or something . bullshit . i am showing you even DNA CONFIRMED KURDS in this thread in the OP ......so the OP people are confirmed Kurds . these men can NOT be Kurds

now i will not blame some outsiders anymore when they think of Kurds as arabogypsies or punjabis etc. . because if i wasnt a Kurd and would see such men walk around in iraqi Kurdistan then i would also think like that tbh


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2 more Gold Tokens from the same video . another "Kurds" right ?

when will people finally believe what i am saying . i am only telling the truth and not trying to fool anybody . how much more evidence do i need to post ?


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look at the 4 men above who are from Iraqi Kurdistan :D lol

i said it so often ....many "Kurds" you will see like this are not actual Kurds but either gypsies who larp as Kurds or gypsies who are assimilated . or mixed people for example Kurds with arab and gypsy heritage etc

the people in the OP are all actual Kurds and are DNA confirmed

fuck man Kurds can be modelled as 66% south italian + 33 % extra Iran N . how is such a people that gets modelled like that supposed to look like indians . bullshit

i know they like to darkwash Iran N a lot and think darker baloch present it but thats not true . it just isnt true . baloch have a decent amount of south asian / AASI and also live in hot climate . they just dont want to understand that those are the reasons for balochs being dark not Iran N

if Iran N was as they say then we Kurds in the OP would look south asian because we have a lot of it. but we dont . and we are darker than south italians but we would be A LOOOOOT darker than south italians if Iran N was the way they say

and before anybody says that you can not model ancients and moern pops together . of course you can . easily

i will give you an example with Georgian Imeretians and Adyghe

this is how they get modelled first of all

Target: Adygei
Distance: 1.9404% / 0.01940375
50.2 Georgia_Kotias.SG
30.4 Albania_LN_C
11.8 East_European_HG
4.6 Arabian_HG_Simulated
3.0 Korean

Target: Georgian_Imer
Distance: 2.1557% / 0.02155747
57.6 Georgia_Kotias.SG
34.0 Albania_LN_C
5.6 Arabian_HG_Simulated
2.8 Iran_GanjDareh_N

as you see the Adyghe have 11.8 EHG which the Georgian doesnt have . as well as 3% Korean / East Eurasian

therefore you can model Adyghe as Georgian + some EHG + a bit Korean

and indeed you can :

the distance between the 2 :

Target: Adygei
Distance: 5.5911% / 0.05591071 | ADC: 2x RC
100.0 Georgian_Imer

and you can model Adygei like this :

Target: Adygei
Distance: 1.4394% / 0.01439390
84.8 Georgian_Imer
12.2 East_European_HG
3.0 Korean

you see ?

and Kurds get modelled like this :

Target: Kurd_Kurmanji_Turkey
Distance: 9.5725% / 0.09572463 | ADC: 2x RC
100.0 Italian_Basilicata

Target: Kurd_Kurmanji_Turkey
Distance: 2.2969% / 0.02296901
66.0 Italian_Basilicata
32.6 Iran_N
1.4 Korean


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compare these fucking gypsy and arab leeches i posted above from iraqi "Kurd" istan with actual Kurds from OP

fuck my life


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Kurds are predominantly Anatolian/Cappadocian Greek like in their composition​

as you know Kurds are wrongly known as pajeet like or gypsy like people in many peoples heads . our threads with 100000 Kurdish pics and videos have easily debunked that myth . however what i am showing you here in this thread will debunk it even more .

Kurds are Anatolian Greek as their base and will have some extra admixture from pops from there

let me show you

basically mostly Cappadocian Greek with some extra Iran N and a few percent more EHG and 1% Natufian
now tell me how such a people are supposed to be looking like a mix of iraqi arab + gypsy + punjabi + a bit armenian .....because this is what people have in mind when they think of Kurds




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idklolimo said that he knew a Kurd who looks like aziz ansari

that is not possible . no Kurd can ever look like him .

in this thread i have posted many DNA CONFIRMED KURDS ......this is the highest level of genuienly representing your ethnicitiy . nothing can beat it . as if it is not enough that i have posted 10000000000000 Kurds including group / crowd pics and videos .....as you see i even post Kurds who have taken a DNA test

compare aziz ansari with us . do you think he passes "atypically " ? lmfao :D what a nonsense