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busting the anthromyths about kurds on the internet

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i had several discussions with turks on youtube .....many of them try to portray us as south asian derived people . which is wrong as you should know by now if you have seen our genetic results and also the facial galleries

if not then check out these threads :




i am pretty sick of it . because i dont like it when lies and misinformation is spread no matter about which topic but especially so when it is about my ethnicity

i really wonder why they seem to think it . but i think there are 2 major reasons

1. because they associate iranic languages to south asians . which needless to say is absolute rubbish

2. because they are unaware of the gypsies in eastern anatolia . as i said already we have hundred thousands of gypsies and probably even more and many of them larp as kurds and turks . and regardless of eastern turkey the gypsy population in turkey in general is pretty big . so when the turks meet / see them in the metropolical cities they wrognly assume that these gypsies are kurds . mostly because reason 1. applies again . how stupid is that

3. they just hate us and want to show us as some kind of foreigners who came from very far etc

i will continue this thread later
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myth nr.1 : "kurds have south asian genes and also look south asian"


we dont . on myheritage (which is not a good test to begin with tbh) some kurds will score around 3% south asian on average . these merely 3% are often taken by some idiots as "oh look at that !" as if 3% is a lot lol . on the other hand many kurds also score several percent of northwest european like irish english etc. on myheritage but of course that doesnt matter right ? you will barely see them talking about that but oh the 3% south asian !!!! ..btw. just for the record i score 0% south asian on myheritage and many other kurds also

on 23andme we also score 0%

when it comes to gedmatch :

the south asian component / reference in many calculators like eurogenes k13 , eurogenes k15 etc. has a lot of masked / hidden west asian in it . and even with that our south asian score is only around 7% . even some georgians score 3-4% there and many north caucasians score around 5%

many turks get around 4-5% too some even around 6-7% . assyrians score 4-5% too , etc. etc. . so even in those calcs with hidden west asian in the south asian component we have barely more than other nearby ethnicities . the reason why we have merely 2-3% more is because we have more iran neolithic ancestry (which is west asian) and the west asian in the south asian component derives mostly from iran neo

if you want to see the REAL south asian you have to look into these calculators :

- eurogenes k12b

- dodecad k12b

- harappaworld

in these calcs the south asian component has no or almost none hidden west asian in it . and guess what ....

our south asian scores in those calcs are :

eurogenes k12b: 1.5% on average

dodecad k12b : around 2-3% on average

harappaworld : also around 2-3% on average

which is just as much (or rather as low) as other northern west asian people

in fact many turks get 4% on eurogenes k12b so more than us . lel . if you dont believe me then look it up and run turkish kits through it . i am not sure at this moment but i think on dodecad k12b many turks get 3% south asian too

yet they have the nerve to depict us as south asian ? as if we are not native to west asia ?

take note that especially eurogenes k12b is a very good calculator to show south asian admix . only south asians or south asian derived people such as gypsies will score high in it . balkan gypsies score 25% ! . sri lankans for example score around 65% . i guess that it peaks in tribal indians such as paniya ...they would probably score 80% or so . and we kurds get almost zero of it of course

eurogenes k12b is a good gypsy detector . if you are a european for example and you score a decent chunk of it then you have either some gypsy ancestry or you have south asians intermarried into your family at some point . people from the balkans can use this calculator if they are suspecting to have gypsy ancestry . it will definitely show

and before i forget : the "gedrosia" or "baloch" component in dodecad k12b and harappaworld is NOT south asian . i have seen some turks claiming that LMFAO .

it is not south asian it is west asian and it comes from CHG and Iran N .

check the updated dodecad k12b spreadsheet and look how much gedrosia georgians , chechens , lezgins etc. get . lel


dont be confused by the name "gedrosia" . it doesnt come from gedrosia ....it is just that this component peaks there in baloch and brahui people . but it doesnt originate from there and the balochs and brahuis have south asian admix

and now coming to G25

we kurds get modelled without any AASI . so this alone leaves out any bullshitting thesis that we are south asianoid (as if the gedmatch results are not enough already)

Target: Kurdish
Distance: 3.0776% / 0.03077624

33.6 Anatolia_Catalhoyuk_N_Ceramic_cth739
29.4 IRN_Ganj_Dareh_N_I1945
17.8 CHG
10.4 Natufian
8.8 EHG

and no ...iran neolithic is not south asian and all northern west asians score a lot of it . even greeks and south italians score 10%

and finally i will post faces of kurds again to round it up . i already shared the links to the gallery threads above but i would like to post some collages here so you have it in fron of your eyes while reading the thread :

this is what we kurds look like ....

click on the spoiler to see kurds :



















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myth nr.2 . "everybody from eastern and southeastern turkey is kurdish"


while it is true that the majority in eastern and southeastern turkey is kurdish ....there are many turks , some armenians , some assyrians , some georgians , a good amounht of arabs , and a good amount of gypsies ....our gypsies are not well known therefore their number is highly underestimated . and many of them larp as kurds and turks .

many people actually dont know that and the numbers are not official but there are hundreds of thousands of gypsies in southeast/east turkey . our gypises are actually some of the most unknown

these are dom gypsies from kurdish provinces . compare them with the ethnic kurds above in the collages :

ckick on the spoiler to see the gypsies :












look at this instrument . that instrument is played mostly by gypsies . look at the pic below it says "kurdish" . so when people see that video they think this guy is a kurd ? no surprise that some people have kurds as a south asianoid looking people in mind lol


also look at this woman . she is on a kurdish festival . do you think she is kurdish ? she is obviously a gypsy . but when people see the pic with kurdish flag colors etc. they probably assume that she is kurdish ?

compare her to the ethnic non gypsy kurdish women below in the collages . i am not saying this to demean the lady . dont get me wrong . i dont mean any offense . i am only stating facts . she sticks out like a sore thumb and looks nothing like a kurd . just like the other gypsies

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myth nr. 3 : "many of the "turks" living in europe are actually kurds"


turks will often claim this nonsense because they are ashamed of what some of the turks in europe behave like . they will try to either say that these turks are kurds or that they are mostly from "eastern turkey" and not turks from north/west

it is not true . the majority of the people from turkey who immigrated in europe are turks . and not only turks from the east or something that is bullshit . i am living in germany since 33 years and i can confirm that most people from turkey here are turks and they are from all kind of turkish provinces . in fact i know more turks from north and west turkey than i do from east turkey

you can look up any statistic if you want . turks are more numerous than we are in turkey alone since we are a minority . and they send a lot of guest workers to central europe etc.

so how the fuck are all those turks in europe supposed to be kurds . just LOL

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myth nr. 4 : "kurds are not native to east/southeast Turkey and/ or north mesopotamia"


this is often claimed by haters especially some turks and many assyrians . they claim this to make it seem as if we are on foreign land in eastern turkey and mesopotamia

funnily enough the turks on one hand claim that they are steppe turkic warriors and not anatolians and on the other hand they claim that they are native anatolians and that we kurds are not . of course turks are a mix of native anatolian + oghuz turkomans who invaded anatolia . but the double standards of turks never cease to amaze me


we are native to the lands we inhabit


"Corduene is considered proto-Kurdish and a precursor to modern Kurdistan. The Kingdom of Gordyene emerged from the declining Seleucid Empire and for most of its history, it was a province of the Roman Empire and acknowledged the sovereignty of Rome."

eastern anatolia turks , as well as southern and central ones ...do not score much more anatolia neolithic / EEF than us btw

Target: vengeance _scaled
Distance: 3.4117% / 0.03411671
32.8 Iran_Neolithic
25.0 Anatolia_Neolithic_(Barcin)
19.2 Levant_Neolithic
14.8 Steppe
6.0 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
1.8 Northeast_Asia_Neolithic
0.4 Ancient_American

Target: Turkish_Central
Distance: 2.1286% / 0.02128560
29.2 Anatolia_Neolithic_(Barcin)
16.4 Steppe
15.8 Levant_Neolithic
15.6 Iran_Neolithic
15.2 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
7.6 Northeast_Asia_Neolithic
0.2 AASI

Target: Turkish_Adana
Distance: 1.9764% / 0.01976402
28.2 Anatolia_Neolithic_(Barcin)
19.6 Iran_Neolithic
17.2 Levant_Neolithic
17.2 Steppe
11.8 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
5.8 Northeast_Asia_Neolithic
0.2 AASI

Target: Turkish_East
Distance: 2.2373% / 0.02237291
28.6 Anatolia_Neolithic_(Barcin)
21.0 Iran_Neolithic
19.2 Caucasus_Hunter_Gatherer
15.4 Levant_Neolithic
13.4 Steppe
2.4 Northeast_Asia_Neolithic


anatolian greeks are the best proxy for native anatolian . and i can get modelled as 70% anatolian greek + 30% BMAC

Target: Alaska_scaled
Distance: 3.2053% / 0.03205344 | R4P
69.2 Greek_Cappadocia
30.8 UZB_Dzharkutan1_BA

turks get modelled as anatolian + oghuz ( turkmen uzbekistan and turkmen ashgabat as proxy for oghuz turkomans)


Greek_Cappadocia 60.30
Turkmen_Uzbekistan 31.95
Turkmen_Ashgabat 7.75
Kazakh 0.00
Uyghur 0.00
Uzbek 0.00

furthermore :

we kurds have blood right on turkey too . in the independence war of turkey we kurds fought with turks together and we also have had deaths / fallen soldiers etc.

we established turkey together . after that the turks tried to turkify us and they denied our identity and said that we are "mountain turks" etc. . they have not let us speak our own language and said that we are turks and any disagreement of the kurdish side to this opression has been answered with violence by the turks
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The most Western parts of the Medes were in Anatolia. The Medes predate Turanic Mongoloid Turks by thousands of years!



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i know that you are lurking here . stop spreading lies about kurds

accept that you are a mixed person and move on . stop with your attempt to mongoloidify and curryfy kurds . it just is not true


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i have found the fake kurdish agenda driven troll zoro from TA on quora

- claims to be kurdish
- scores 10% mongoloid on gedmatch (if they were his results and not stolen)
- said he has also turkmen ancestry in the past
- tries to mongoloidify kurds
- tries to indianify kurds
- speaks perfectly pashto ....which is normal for a kurd right ? ..not
- had his profile as female on a different anthroforum but as male on TA
- supports the fake kurd named "kurd" on anthrogenica who got banned because of his bullshit . he also had similar agendas
- posts the same dubious 10 pics of "kurds" over and over again to prove his agenda but claims that the 100000 pics and videos of kurds i post are cherrypicked

people like him deserve a hard beating that will put them in the hospital for a few weeks . honestly


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someone lurks this thread

good good . all of you haters who lurk here should see it . and friends even more so


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zoro and chinshen saying that we are not native to the lands we live in .....

must be trolling or just hating ....cant be anything else

CORDUENE (GORDION) - Where does the name Kurd come from?

The word kurti is from sumerian and means: "kur" means mountain/hill and "ti" means from. So it means the people from the mountains/hills. This word kurti is the oldest known word which describes the kurds from 3000 BC.

In 1923, English Orientalist Sir Godfrey Rolles Driver published a scientific research article "The Name Kurd and Its Philological Connexions". Driver, who was also an Assyriologist had tried to find who was the Qurti who had lived around the lake Van and with whom Assyrian warrior Tiglath-Pileser "I had fought" in ~1050 BC.

Driver also tried to find the connection between Qurti and "the land of Karda" [Kardaka] text which was written on a Sumerian clay-tablet, of the third millennium B.C. Sumerians called the area around Lake Van a land of Karda. Driver examined the philological variations of Karda in different languages, such as Cordueni, Gordyeni, Kordyoui, Karduchi, Kardueni, Qardu, Kardaye, Qardawaye. He realized that all these names were actually the conversions of "Karda" in different languages. Also, he managed to connect all these names to the same area, Lake Van in contemporary Kurdistan.

Sumerian called it the land of "Karda" (3000 BC)
Tiglath-Pileser I had fought against "Qurti" from the same area (1050 BC)
Greek historian Xenophon called people who lived around Lake Van a "Karduchi" people. He called the area a Corduene (400 BC)
Artakhshir, the founder of the Persian Sassanid dynasty fought against the "Madrig the King of Kurdan" in same area (226 AD)

Driver reaches a conclusion that the term Kurd wasn't used differently by different nations and roots of modern Kurds can be found from the ancient Corduene region. He also said that the root of ancient Kurds are very likely in the land of Kardas.

ANCIENT map !!! :



1355 :



29450294205920592059 years ago :



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Alexander the great times

2902945250r920 years ago

so shut the fuck up haters . we are native . period

(we are "Karduchi" here) . and also Sophanene (we Kurds from Dersim area)



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so basically we are native as shown

ok so now ....

this is my own intepretation :

i think Kurdish Jews would be a good approx to our native part

we Kurds are basically those "Kurdish jews" + Steppe iranic invaders who gave us our language

in many calculators we get modelled as things like 60% Kurdish Jewish + 40 % Lezgin or other north caucasus . if you want i can show you proof with many Kurdish kit numbers . pieces of shit lel

we have less natufian related ancestry . and more EHG / Steppe and some more Iran N than Kurdish Jews

also on G25

Target: Kurdish
Distance: 2.4028% / 0.02402833

Distance to:Kurdish
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