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Biden running for reelection in 2024.


Staff member
Looks like Biden is running for a 2nd term in the White House.

Despite being a Republican, I voted for biden in 2020, & he's the 1st president I ever voted for, I voted for him to get rid of Trump, however the Biden/Harris administration has really disappointed me, everything is going up (gas, housing, food, etc), Biden shakes hand with imaginary people, he doesn't even know where he's at or what he's doing, the Southern border is very out of control right now, & the economy is a lot worse than it was with Trump.

I'm not voting for Biden again, but if Trump wins the Republican nomination, I won't be voting for him either, with Trump, there was a lot of racism, especially towards Mestizos, & I know from personal experience, he didn't took COVID seriously, refused to wear a mask during the pandemic, denied that climate change is real, said there was fine people on both sides after the Unite the Right rally, & regardless what his supporters said, the economy didn't improve with Trump, at least here where I live, more businesses closed down during the Trump administration, & a lot of people claim that Trump is a "conservative angel sent by god" in reality Trump is a pathological liar, & was liberal for most of his life, he even said on Oprah in 1998 that if he ran for President, he would run as a Republican, because Republicans are "very stupid", he's been married 3 times & said a lot of degenerate shit over the years like "grab em by the pussy" very un-conservative & un-christian, if you ask me.

I think Biden & Trump are both too old & incompetent to run in 2024, I think Kennedy, Elder or DeSantis would be better options.


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It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the Biden and Trump administrations are proof that the president is just a face, there is a system behind the president that runs everything. They dont care if Biden is senile and mentally incapacitated as long he’s controllable which is what was challenging with trump cause he was so unhinged so they didn’t know what to expect but there’s never gonna be another trump, the state is more prepared this time. They will make sure only their vetted candidates represent both parties.